Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Toshiba and the Magic of a Paycheck

I am so slow at writing blogs these days. I remember one I tried to work on one blog a week way back in the 2005ish area. I used blogging as a writing exercise, nothing more then people started commenting. Mostly good, well all good because I deleted the negative comments.

Anyway, enough excuse. Let's crank one out for old times sake.

I got a phone call for an interview about 3 weeks ago for a job as a machine operator. I had no idea what job I applied for as I have applied for so many since arriving and realizing that the one job that my cousin thought he could help my attain wasn't going to happen. I feeling in the nuts that said this isn't going to happen. I trust my nuts, not my gut because my guts have been known to be full of shit. After some cross checking in my files, I figured out the job was at Toshiba International. I got excited thinking it was going to be consumer products but turns out it is heavy industrial motors. When I say motors I mean huge motherfuckers, though I don't get to deal with any of the cool stuff I got stuck in making the rotors which goes in the guts of the motor before it gets shafted and wrapped in copper. I get to stack hundreds of 1mm thick pieces of steel lamination the inject molten aluminum into a mold which produces cooling fins and the like. Sounds a lot less interesting than it is believe me and of course that is the nature of factory work.

1. Stack Them
2. Mold Them.
3. Send Them.
4. Repeat 100 times in 8 hours.

Of course it is more complicated than that, you have to change models, molds and materials but that is basically it. Oh and lift 75 pounds of hot fucking metal and place it on a wooden pallet. Do it quickly though because that shit is hot and heavy and you got more parts to run. I'm not complaining I really need a job and I lack any real education that would get me a chair and a desk. (thanks Daymar College, you swine).

I have to say that the paycheck part is pretty damn sweet and that day shift is also nice. Plus if you need a drink of water you don't have to BEG to go, just go and drink. I feel like Red from Shawshank Redemption, I can't take a piss without asking after all those years. Bathroom Break Boss? Drink of water boss? Think my own thoughts boss? Strangle you in the parking lot after work with a shoe string because you wouldn't let us leave during the biggest ice storm in 100 years boss....

So I like my job so far, it is scary and complex because the idea of having any kind of instructions anywhere would be MADNESS. I get to work with molten metal and use a jib crane and pray nothing explodes.

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