Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blue Collared and Beat

       My name is Phelps, I write blogs or I did but I also have a day job. A job in which I actually have to wear a blue collar strangely enough. A smock made of some material that prevents electric static build up so I am assuming that it is made from dryer sheets. If only I had gotten the Spring Rain ESD smock things would be so much better at work but instead I was given the Stale Sweat and Tears one.

Damn What's That Funky Smell

      I like my job for the most part other than the 10 hour days and every Saturday but I just figure this is payback for those two years that I lived on unemployment, under the table jobs and in different countries while most God fearing people were counting down the minutes till the end of their shift I was drinking ice cold Bohemia beer in Brazil with a sexy girl next to me or slinging paint on walls with Ralph next to me cursing and carrying on and having a good time. 
    Now I'm back doing the SERIOUS work, with SERIOUS people in a factory setting making widgets or missile guidance systems, who knows. Just build the fucking things fast and cheap and get them out of here or typical factory work.