Monday, September 19, 2011

It Burns

    Toshiba Heavy Industrial Motors, chocked full of Aluminum Goodness.

    I've taken to calling the 100 Ton Press, the Cornballer because just like that shoddy machine from Arrested Development you should never touch it or get near it ever. I almost made it an entire Monday without burning the shit out of some body part, then the very last thing I did before leaving was cover the oven with the molten aluminum and I barely touched my arm to the machine and burned my arm.
   I guess at this point in my life I can take a few burns if I can make some money and get 40 hours a week. Who needs flesh anyway really? I mean pain free work environment is for pussies and people with real college degrees right. I have to say it still beats my last jobs at Deathcel with their ridiculous 12 hours shift with only 2, 10 minute breaks and 30 minutes lunch. Can you imagine how draining it is to come in the middle of second shift, stay and watch third shift come in and then leave just when first shift is walking in and setting up machines. It makes my body hurt just remembering those days. I remember it took me over three months before my feet and calves finally stopped constantly hurting all for $8.50 an hour.


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