Friday, July 29, 2011

So Now We Are in Houston....

...and by we I mean me and my camera. So far it was just as hot as I expected and I don't really think things are much different here than back in Kentucky other than the traffic is bananas and the roads must have been designed by someone jacked up on Amphetamine. I always have a problem with the interstate system because I never know what lane to be in ever and it usually takes me a week to calm down and just accept the fact that city drivers have to climb up your ass if you go near the speed limit. Facts of life kids. Still all in all Texas are still way better drivers than Tennesseans.
     Also true is that everything is big in Texas. I went to Wal-Mart and back home you might only see 1 or 2 overweight people causing the little carts to strain and pull them around the stores. Here I saw 4 tubs nearly killing the poor little machines. And then there is this example of a Texan Chihuahua. (Figure 1)
Figure 1

     It was a brutal drive down to Houston, after you have flown great distances you never want to drive ever again. Driving is for suckers or people who want to move a bunch of their shit to a new location. I love having the ability to drive but I've seen Kansas 6 times and that is 5 times too many and besides Interstates seem to look the same no matter what part of the country you are in give or take. It took me the same amount of driving time to get from KY to TX as it takes for me to fly from Nashville to Sao Paulo, Brazil that is with the retarded TSA crap.
     So right now I am pretty excited about being in a new locale. That translates into freaking out for the next few days which is fairly normal for me before I can come to grips with being in a strange place. If I had been Dorothy I would have spent the first three days in Oz in the fetal position trying to make sense of everything. I'm a little anxious because I haven't figured out how to get food yet but I'm staying at it.