Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conan and Leno: My 2 Cents

I really don't know what NBC was thinking, having 4 Late Night talk shows in a row sounds like ratings poison to me or anyone else who doesn't have their own personal parking space. Conan's ratings are down against Letterman so we have to change all the deckchair on the Titanic? Letterman has probably had more exposure this year than since he had his heart surgery ten years ago. First with the Palin controversy then with his Extortion Case and cheating on his then live in girlfriend people have been tuning into to Dave more this year. Also, it was just silly to begin with to have Leno then Conan, how are you supposed to get used to something new if you are still hanging on to the old stuff. You don't get a new girlfriend and still live with your ex do you. Again this is neither Jay or Conan's fault but to me if they have to get rid of someone dump Jay, the guy that was going to retire anyway. You would think Jay would be gracious enough to step out anyway but I guess he is thinking that Doritos hasn't called him sell more shit to bovine America in awhile.
Really in the bigger scope of things, who really cares I mean Conan wants to preserve The Tonight Show but things have changed since Johnny left. Every channel has a late night talk show, we are flooded with them doing silly monologues that aren't really even worth talking about the next day around the unemployment office.
Also seeing that most or all of these channels now are owned by big conglomerates and corporations that own all the music, movies and publishing in this country, really all these Late Night Shows have just become QVC with a bigger outreach. I mean, they have always been about selling stuff with a little entertainment thrown in but the last decade it has become rampant. Long gone are the days when Jonathan Winters would just show up and talk for 10 minutes or any number of celebs that were close to the host. That and every 30 minute program has to have 10 minutes of commercials so forget about just rambling on about nothing in general. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show has gone to posting interviews that went over the 5 minutes of alotted time on The Daily Shows website. Makes you feel a little ripped off knowing that you had to set through 8 Jameson Whiskey commercials and 9 Transformer 2 ads with Shia LePoof screaming "Optimus" to watch the stinking interview that is only 5 minutes long, 3 if you subtract the 2 minutes of glad handing to be told to go watch it on the website. What happens when you load it on the site, you have to sit through a fucking commercial before you can watch it. Of course that only happens occasionally when they do have someone on worth listening to, when it isn't the movie of the week crap.