Tuesday, November 8, 2011


     I got an iPhone and am now totally addicted to taking photos with the camera especially the Hipstamatic App. I guess that makes me a Hillbilly Hipster. I have a friend that doesn't like Hipsters which I don't really understand. My only problem with hipsters other than wearing skinny jeans, which are the devil, is they got it easy when it comes to outlets of information.

      Back when I was a kid (I can't believe I just typed that) you had to work like a mad bastard to find the cool stuff. I mean you had to dig because your parents usually weren't a roadmap and our library was the size of closet. All you had were your friends and maybe a few magazines that would steer you the right way and of course movies. It is actually kind of impressive how things would fall into ones lap, a friend would tell you about this guy called Kerouac, another friends dad would tell you about Bob Dylan and JD Salinger and still yet another movie would turn you on to Hunter S Thompson and Henry Miller. Henry and June...what the hell kind of movie is that, I don't know but it is rated NC-17 so hang on...
     By God if you heard about something cool you had to do real research to find it now you use Wiki and you not only know about the author/musician but what he was wearing when he wrote the book/music. Shit you don't even need cliff notes anymore with Wiki, want to know what Hamlet's deal was, give me a second... Ok, his uncle killed his dad to gain the the throne and the Queen and Hamlet knows because the ghost dad told him. Done. 

    I'm just jealous is all, the hipsters have almost instantaneous discovery when it took me months to piece meal together things about the Beats or listen to more than three Bob Dylan albums. Now you can find out about all the Beats in a few clicks and download almost all of Bob in an hour with a fast connection. 

    What I am trying to say is I feel RIPPED OFF! Damn kids.

Lunch Time Nap in ESD Smock

Beltway 8, heading to the place with my stuff

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When God crashes Windows he opens an Apple

     So I moved to Houston, I got the job to actually make the money and just when I was reaching escape velocity to move out of my cousin big house things started to fall apart for our hero.
     First his brand new Bunn coffee pot died for no apparent reason, just repeatedly flashed "CLe" as some cryptic clue about who or what had murdered it. Turns out it is a common problem with that $130 model of Bunn coffee pot, the sad thing is it wasn't the one I wanted in the first place. Another shiny appliance with a clock that would have to be reset constantly.
     Next while walking out of work that Monday I spot the front tire of my car looking a little strange. Now I am not a mechanic and know next to nothing about cars but I am fairly certain that the tread isn't actually supposed to be coming off the tire. Now if I was back home in Kentucky I would probably just take a chance and drive a few more years on this bald and rapidly disintegrating tires but after seeing how these assholes drive and a number of motorist standing on the edge of the fast moving interstate attempting to change a tire while SUVs whiz past them at 80 MPH with drivers clutching a small dog and a cellphone I thought it best to sink $280 on new, cheap tires. I could just imagine myself in the same predicament and it was scary. Plus the fact that I have a shit ton of stuff from IKEA in my trunk because I was planning to be moved out before November.
     Lastly I had two hard drives die on me within two weeks of each other. I had gotten a 1.5 TB hard drive the summer before because I was so worried that I would lose my photos if I didn't spread them around. Obviously it was a good plan as I had photos in two states when catastrophe hit my two hard drives here in Texas. I will never buy another Western Digital Hard Drive if they can't take a few hits now and again. What could I do I was poor back then and could only afford lame ass equipment.
     So my acer computer, my contact with the rest of the world croaked on me without any provocation. After working all the magic that I could think of, replacing the hard drive, reinstalling windows Vista, praying, calling in an exorcist the bastard almost got back to the point in which it would run again. Then it died once more. This is after almost three days of searching for the ever illusive drivers for programs such as the wifi and the display. Nothing is more infuriated than getting the driver for your internet but it not loading because it wasn't digitally signed. If someone can explain how do you get on the internet to get digitally signed driver when it is the driver for the fucking wifi please send me an email.
      So a week of reinstalling, buying a new hard drive, getting pen drives to boot from and searching for just the right stupid driver it still wouldn't work. I completely snapped, I don't know if it was a combination of being heavily caffeinated or extremely aggravated but I decided screw stupid Windows and Bill Gates and this lame ass excuse for an OS and I went out and bought an iMac.
     I used to own a 2nd Gen iMac back in the 90's when they came out in color schemes, I bought a blueberry from Sears for around $800. If I am not mistaken I was also sick of Windows 98 and the underpowered POS that I was using at the time. This new iMac has all the bells and whistles, a 27 inch screen that is just a little less brighter than the sun, Thunderbolt jacks, SD Card reader and a ton of other options and apps that I haven't the foggiest what they do.
    As I said more than a decade ago, Fuck PCs.