Friday, August 12, 2011

So That Is What Heat Exhaustion Feels Like...

....or How To Move Grandma and Finally Learn To Love The Bomb.

      I helped Crystals Grandmother move all of her and her husbands stuff out of their one bedroom apartment down the street into a Air Conditioned Storage building. This was my first foray into heavy labor and heat in quite some time and I totally screwed the pooch. It was hard work, Crystal came over to help after we got the U-Haul and she is a one woman wrecking crew. It was keeping up with Brandon all over again and it damn near destroyed me.

Summer in Texas

     I've never had such a case of heat exhaustion for a long time probably because I am not a big believer in going out when the sun is high in the sky. I don't mind the sun I just never had any intention of becoming a sun baked mongoloid. Anyway, it wasn't so bad after I got to Crystals, soaked in the tub for an hour and then today drank a liter of Gatorade, then bad effects started to fade.

    Later the next day my right side and back started hurting, this pain increased until the only comfortable place was down or sitting with many pillows. This was right is called back pain or in layman's terms OUCH, motherfucker. It was like having a tooth ache in my back and tooth aches are something I know a lot about after having one for over three years.
   I think I know what did it as well. It must have been when Grandmother's prized press board desk decided to snap in half under its own weight and break free of the dolly strap that was holding it at a roughly 45 degree angle. When I tried to stop the desk that can probably now be purchased at any Goodwill store for $5 is when I think my back decided to quit its day job.
   So for the last 10 days I have been driving around Houston trying not to cry from the pain of sitting in that damn car seat or when I went to an interview I prayed to Jesus or whoever that I could make it through without showing my discomfort. We will see, the worst was Wednesday night when even lying flat on my back wasn't helping no matter how many ibuprofen or heat pads I used.
   I think that was the hump though because since that night things have gotten less painful for me. All I can really say is my moving days are over for awhile.

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