Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CNN, Crappy News Network (RANT)

I was flipping through the news channels yesterday trying to find out if anything was going on in the world but they were stuck on FULL FUNERAL COVERAGE of Michael Jackson. I have to say that I found some truth in one perky newswoman's assessment that the hearse was getting close to the Staple's Arena because there were now five news helicopters floating over head. Those helicopters had been following the hearse the entire journey and if I could think of a better analogy comparing the NEWS to Vultures I would be a better man. People complain about how much coverage MJ has been getting but it really just goes to show you how lazy our media in America can be these days. Investigative reporting, checking your facts, holding people accountable those are 20th Century ideas, much cheaper to plant someone with a microphone in front of the funeral home for a week than to do those things. My girlfriend said to me can you imagine what it will be like when Madonna dies, no I can't. It will probably last a month and the whole country in the meantime will probably be taken over by a military coup lead by General Rush Limbaugh (if his anal cysts don't act up).
Then this morning they started up about Health Care Reform, on CNN they had a guy show the cost in ten years and it was $600 Billion and when he read that number he said it in the news way that made it sound like he was paying it all himself by Friday. I'm not saying that the news networks might have a slant on how the Health Care Reform plays out in the Congress but then again when every other commercial is for Pills or Insurance I wonder if maybe they aren't just a little bit swayed in their reporting. With Congress it is called Lobbying with TV it is called advertising.
Speaking of lobbying, the drug and insurance industry are together spending $1.4 million dollars a day trying to get congress to see things their way. I want you to ponder that number a moment, $1.4 million dollars A DAY. That is money they people are giving their insurance companies or drug companies that in turn is being spent to keep reform away. That is about 20 heart bypass surgeries a day being spent on keeping that money flowing to them. And you have to think that if they can afford that imagine how deep the coffers run.

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